Courage House is a recovery residence where men can rebuild their lives while living in a safe, secure, alcohol/drug free and supportive environment. Our purpose is to help residents bridge the gap between intensive treatment and lasting independent sober living. Our goal is to create an other-centered environment to help residents gain more self-worth, responsibility and learn to feel useful again. We want to help residents build a strong foundation for continued sobriety and a healthier lifestyle.

We believe that Courage House can be the guiding light that leads you to a better, bright future. Operated by experts who understand this journey and its challenges, we are absolutely committed to helping people who sincerely want to change their circumstances and live drug- and alcohol-free lives. Please let us support you on your way to stability and success.


Hear from the men who’ve had the COURAGE to make the choice daily to change their lives.

    In November of 2018 I had finally reached my breaking point, yet due to my pride, ego and shame I couldn’t ask for help.  Then out of the blue, at least that’s how it seemed to me, my family intervened and offered to get me into a detox/rehab facility.  At this opportunity I jumped without hesitation.  I went to a facility about 40 minutes outside Philadelphia to do my detox and by the second day I was ready to leave.  Yet for some reason I would decide to just give it until the next day and do the same everyday until I was thru the detox and ready for my rehab stint.  Since I had pending charges I was transferred to what was considered “the jail unit” for my rehab stay.  After about the first day or so I was again ready to leave.  But again I would always tell myself give it until the next day and everyday I would end up staying.  I began to understand that if it was up to me I would have left by now but something was continuously telling me to stay.  As the days went on something was telling my family and I could not come home once I was finished my stay because I would not have been strong enough to fight temptation.  So by the grace of God, a friend of a friend of a friend of my Aunt I was linked up with Josh Veal and the Courage House in DelRay Beach, FL.  Thankfully after a few phone conversations with Josh and myself he decided to take a shot in the dark from a random degenerate from Philadelphia.

     I arrived in Florida without knowing anyone, anywhere or anything.  I felt scared and alone yet was willing to continue to trust in what lied ahead.  When I got to the Courage House many of my fears were lifted.  I was warmly welcomed in, told the rules and immediately began to be held accountable for my actions and decision.  This being my first time truly in recovery and in a half-way house this was very new to me.  So right from the start Courage House began to teach me how to learn to live without drugs and alcohol.  Josh and staff extremely welcoming and hands on.  Whether it was helping out with a ride to the store, listening to something you needed to talk about with someone, or simply holding us to a standard of living that anyone trying to improve themselves would and should strive for.  Sure you may not want to wash and dry your dishes by hand after cooking or eating but again it is teaching you to be accountable and responsible for you and yours, which is very important within the program of recovery.  But I do have to say the biggest and best thing about Courage House is the guys.  Living with other men who wanted what I wanted and being able to talk with each other about whatever was by far one of the greatest experiences of my time there.  Having build these close bonds was great and truly helped me grow as a man because now not only was I holding myself accountable so were my friends within the house.  We would hold each other accountable for our actions and always be there to lend a helping hand or an open ear when needed.  I know I have build life long friendships and that this program works if you put the work in.  If it was not for God and a stranger reaching his hand out to a new comer over 900 miles away and me landing at the Courage House, I truly do not know where I would be today.  So to the Courage House and all those involved thank you for reaching out, helping me and teaching me that we can recover and how to lead a fuller, more meaningful life.

Jack F.Philadelphia, PA

I honestly don’t know where to begin, this place is a godsend. Without the structure of this house I would not be who or where I am today. Courage house helped save my life and taught me how to be an active member of society. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, Courage house is where I recommend they go.

Jeff Henke

The best house I’ve ever lived in! Such a clean and amazing environment. They held me accountable with my recovery and allowed me to grow into the man I am today. I would recommend this place to any and everyone!

Anthony Tran
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